Research laboratory of John Gross, PhD
Biochemistry, biophysics, and structural biology laboratory


Principal investigator



Research interests

John D. Gross, PhD

John Gross, PhD
Principal Investigator
Director, UCSF NMR Lab

Protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions in the control of eukaryotic gene expression and HIV infection.

Lab team



Research interests & background

Jennifer Binning, PhD

Jennifer Binning, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar

Evolution of lentiviral accessory proteins

PhD, Iowa State University: Structural and functional studies of Ebola Virus ribonucleoproteins

Lily Burton

Lily Burton
Research Technician

Biochemical characterization of lentiviral Vif complexes

BA, University of California Berkeley

Nathalie Caretta Cartozo

Nathalie Caretta Cartozo
Lab Manager, Research Technician

Validation of HIV-host interactions and small molecule drug discovery

MS, ETH, Zurich: Host-pathogen interactions in human influenza virus at 3V Biosciences

Xi Liu Photo

Xi Liu
Postdoctoral Scholar


Structural studies of host-virus protein interactions

PhD, Tsinghua University: Structural biology of cytokine and receptor complex

Joe Lobel

Joe Lobel
PhD student in Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB)

Mechanisms of 5’-3’ mRNA decay

BA, Hamilton College, NY

Jeff Mugridge

Jeff Mugridge
Postdoctoral Scholar

Structural mechanisms of mRNA quality control

PhD, UC Berkeley: Supramolecular host-guest interactions, dynamics, and structure

David Paquette

David Paquette
PhD student in Integrative Program in Quantitative Biology (iPQB)

Regulation of 5’-3’ mRNA decay

BS, University of Massachusetts, Amherst: Protein folding

Serena Sanulli

Serena Sanulli
Postdoctoral Scholar

Chromatin dynamics and silencing

PhD, Institut Curie: Regulation of the PRC2 complex by cofactors

Ryan Tibble

Ryan Tibble
PhD student in Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB)

Mechanisms of 5’-3’ mRNA decay

BA/MS, Dartmouth College: Structural and functional studies of kinesin-like proteins



Former lab members


Position, departure date

Now at

Hai Ta Postdoc, 2016  

Mikhaela Arambulo

Research Technician, 2015

Med Student, University of Arkansas Medical School

Robin Aglietti

Graduate Student, 2014

Postdoc at Genentech

David Stanley

Graduate Student, 2013

Postdoc with Dueber Lab, UC Berkeley

Adam Steeves

Postdoc, 2013

Assistant Professor, Ithaca College, Ithaca NY

Dong Young Kim

Postdoc, 2013

Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy, Yeungnam University, South Korea

Eunju Kwon

Postdoc, 2013


Shilpa Marjou

Research Technician, 2013

Research Associate, Genentech

Stephen Floor

Graduate Student, 2011

Postdoc with Jennifer Doudna, UC Berkeley

Linda Yen

Research Technician, 2011

UCLA ACCESS Graduate Program

Mark Borja

Graduate Student, 2011

Postdoc, Childrens Hospital Oakland Research Institute

Brittnee Jones

Graduate Student, 2010

Fluidigm: Technical Field Support Specialist

Jeremy Mason-Herr

Research Technician, 2009


Jeremy Flinders

Postdoc, 2008

Postdoctoral Scholar, Genentech

Duc-Uy Quang-Dang

Research Technician, 2007

MD, Virginia Commonwealth; Residency, California Pacific Medical Foundation, San Francisco

Mandar Deshmukh

Postdoc, 2006

CCMB, Hyderabad, India

Yuko Oku

Research Technician, 2005

Johns Hopkins Neuroscience Graduate Program

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