The UCSF School of Pharmacy has been involved in this transformation of its PharmD curriculum since 2013. Milestones continue to be achieved as the new PharmD curriculum moves toward a 2018 launch date.


Strategic foundation begun

Need for curriculum change endorsed by faculty (January 2013).


Strategic foundation deliberated

Curriculum transformation a key element of School’s five-year strategic planning retreat (January 2014).

Curriculum Vision developed

Process for transforming curriculum kicks off at curriculum visioning retreat (June 2014).

Curriculum Blueprint discussed

Faculty coordinating team, DRIVE, and then three faculty curriculum Design Work Groups form, with the ultimate goal of creating a blueprint for the new curriculum (October 2014, December 2014, respectively).

Faculty from across UCSF gather for campuswide curriculum transformation retreat (December 2014). 


Strategic foundation solidified

2015–2020 UCSF School of Pharmacy strategic plan accepted by faculty vote (April/May 2015).

Curriculum Blueprint model developed and endorsed

Potential models for new PharmD curriculum discussed at School curriculum design retreat (March 2015).

PharmD students and others form Student and Stakeholder Advisory Committee (September 2015).

Concept for an initial three-year curriculum blueprint endorsed by faculty (June 2015).

Curriculum Model solidified and initial courses piloted

Three initial curriculum pilots launch fall quarter 2015 through spring quarter 2016.


Curriculum Blueprint endorsed

Updated three-year concept for a curriculum blueprint endorsed by faculty (January 2016).

Faculty coordinating team, DRIVE, and faculty curriculum Design Work Groups complete their assignments (March 2016).

Operations needs assessed, plans developed

Team of School administrators forms Curriculum Operations Team (COT) to address topics (administration, finances, space, student wellness, external communications, technical readiness, etc.) surrounding curriculum implementation (January 2016). 

Stakeholders (students and preceptors) share thoughts on curriculum transformation to help focus communications (May 2016, June 2016, July 2016).

Curriculum Buildout initiated

Newly formed faculty group, Curriculum Transformation Team (CTT) assumes task of transforming blueprint into full-fledged curriculum (May 2016). 

PharmD website updated

Information about the curriculum for 2018 and beyond indicated on PharmD website, linking to curriculum transformation website (September 2016).


Curriculum Buildout continues, course piloting and assessment continue

Operational plan implementation begins


Curriculum fine-tuning and assessment continue

Full implementation of operational plans

New curriculum launches

Three-year, year-round curriculum launches with students entering August 2018.

Curriculum transformation and assessment continue.


Curriculum project name change: As we began transforming our PharmD curriculum, we referred to our work as the UCSF Bridges Pharmacy Curriculum Project. We now refer to our work as the UCSF PharmD Curriculum Transformation Project: 2018 and beyond.