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The Bay Area Youth Science (BAYS) Program is an eight-week, paid summer internship for rising high school juniors and seniors to conduct research in labs at UCSF. Research projects will range in topics from drug discovery and design, cancer biology, computational chemistry, infectious disease treatments, COVID-19 therapeutics, structural biology, protein biophysics, and much more! Interns are paid $5,000 for their participation in the eight-week summer internship.

2021 was the first year of the BAYS Program, held with students at KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory (KIPP-SFCP). For 2022, our goal is to continue to build our relationship with KIPP-SFCP, therefore we will only be accepting applications from students at KIPP-SFCP. We hope to expand in future years to reach more schools in the Bay Area. Check out interviews with the 2021 BAYS Program cohort!



The BAYS Program consists of three phases:

  1. A virtual introduction to the scientific enterprise for students to attend weekly research talks by professors at UCSF, along with three panels where early career scientists with shared identities to our students can share how and why they got into science and a bit about themselves and their research.
  2. A summer internship opportunity for selected applicants to conduct research in UCSF labs. Students spend Monday through Thursday conducting research in UCSF labs under the supervision of UCSF graduate students and postdocs. Fridays will be spent taking a course taught by graduate students in research basics, life skills (financial skills, career path guidance, professionalism), college preparation, and developing their projects. The internship will culminate in a presentation of their research project that is open to all of UCSF, as well as our partner organizations and donors.
  3. College preparation sessions are for graduates of the BAYS Program internship to gain skills in the college application process. The college preparation period is from September-March following the internship. Interns work virtually on their college applications, scholarships, and financial aid applications and attend bi-weekly sessions with the BAYS Program cohort & coordinators.


Lectures January 12-May 25, 2022
Internship application deadline April 9, 2022
Internship June 20-August 12, 2022


  • Must be a student at KIPP-SFCP.
  • Must be at least 16 years old at the time of the internship.
  • Must have been enrolled and engaged in the virtual series of science talks (Wednesdays during RISE/lunch).
  • Must have an interest in science research.
  • Must commit to dedicating 200 hours to the program (24 hours per week for eight weeks).

Internship application

Microsoft Office document iconApplication (Microsoft Word, 2 pages, 62 KB)


From BAYS Interns:

"The entire experience was amazing, not just because it was my first time in such a program, but because my mentors were people who I could identify with and speak with in my native language. It meant a lot to me to see myself in my mentors. Knowing that there are people like me in such positions who are thriving, inspired me to work as hard as possible and maximize my experience at UCSF."

"My experience in the BAYS Program has made me a stronger student and has helped me prepare myself to begin undergraduate studies."

"It was a great opportunity for me because I want to be a pharmacist and I got to learn how to make treatments, which has helped me discover my passion."

"Working with my mentor was a really good experience. She taught me a lot and I felt comfortable. This was my first time being in the lab and I like it. I want to do more and continue working in the lab."

From BAYS Mentors:

"The BAYS Program was really great! My student was engaged, driven, and did a great job over the summer. I am happy to have been able to participate in the program and I think it was a great opportunity for myself and my student."

"It's a great opportunity to get them in the lab to see how cool it is to be a scientist!"

"My student was an incredibly quick learner, and we made a lot of scientific progress together."

BAYS Program Team

Marissa Lee-Baird, BAYS Program Coordinator

Marissa Lee-Baird

Program Coordinator

Emma Gunderson, BAYS Program Coordinator

Emma Gunderson

Program Coordinator

Chase Webb, BAYS Program BE-STEM Advisor

Chase Webb

BE-STEM Advisor


Matt Jacobson, BAYS Program Faculty Advisor

Matt Jacobson

Faculty Advisor

Jason Sello, BAYS Program Faculty Advisor

Jason Sello,

Faculty Advisor



More info

The BAYS Program is a new STEM immersion opportunity for historically excluded learners to conduct research at UCSF. The goal of the BAYS Program is to remove barriers to accessing the academy, promote community engagement, create new recruitment pipelines, build learner confidence, and slowly break down systems of otherness that have perpetuated the lack of representation of some groups at UCSF. We welcome contributions from internal and external groups and individuals. Please contact us for more information about how you can support the BAYS Program.

Contact Emma Gunderson ([email protected]) or Marissa Lee-Baird ([email protected]).

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