Technology Requirements Fall 2015

All School of Pharmacy students entering in fall 2015 must meet the following technology requirements:

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[Technology Requirements for Students Fall 2015][link defunct] provides technology requirements at UCSF for all students entering in fall 2015.

Additionally, for PharmD student pharmacists entering in 2015

A Mac or Windows laptop is required

Many courses will require a laptop for in-class assignments and exams.

Three-hour minimum battery runtime

Regarding ExamSoft SofTest exams, since we cannot guarantee in every case that your seat or setting will provide you with access to power, your laptop must be able to operate on battery for a minimum of three hours under normal activity (e.g., web browsing, word processing, wireless).

A privacy screen is required

A laptop privacy screen is a filter that attaches over your laptop's display to make information visible to only you, and we require it when you take certain exams. You'll need to select one that fits your laptop. Because there are many kinds of laptops and privacy screens we cannot provide recommendations or guidance on purchasing, but see 3M Privacy and Screen Protectors for examples.

You can usually find privacy screens at most stores that carry computer accessories. When not taking an exam that requires it, we do not require you to use the privacy screen. Most privacy filters detach easily, enabling you to use them only when needed.

You will receive an 8 GB encrypted USB drive at Orientation

During orientation, courtesy of Dean Guglielmo, you will receive an 8 GB encrypted USB drive, and this fulfills this requirement specified at Hardware Requirement, so you do not need to buy one.

About tablets

If you plan to buy a tablet, we recommend iPad because you will have the option to take some of your exams from an iPad, and currently one class—Anatomy 116—uses an iBook. If you do not have an iPad you can use an iPad in our lab or you can view the PDF version of the anatomy book on any device. If you do not already have a tablet, we do not require one. If you take elective courses in the School of Medicine, they may also use iBooks in their curriculum.

Secure your home wireless network

If you set up a wireless network at home, we require that you secure it with WPA2 encryption. (Personal wireless networks are not permitted in campus housing, so if you're in campus housing this doesn't apply to you.) For help with setting up WPA2 encryption, contact your internet service provider or your wireless access point manufacturer. UCSF cannot set up your home wireless network for you.

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