Editing Pages with WebEdit

WebEdit is a user-friendly, site-friendly authoring environment and WYSIWYG.

The toolbar

WebEdit Toolbar

1. Bold (“Ctrl/Cmd-b”)
2. Italic (“Ctrl/Cmd-i”)
3. Remove formatting
4. Left alignment
5. Center alignment
6. Right alignment
7. Bulleted
8. Numbered lists
9. Left indentation
10. Right indentation
11. Blockquote
12. DIV (for problem solving)
13. Horizontal line
14. Symbols
15. Table
16. Undo
17. Re-do
18. Paste as "plain text"
19. Create a link
20. Remove a link
21. Create an anchor
22. View HTML source (of the HTML created by the editor) — click button to return to view
23. Formatting (of text): of headings, paragraphs, citation, superscript, subscript, and other options
24. Styles (of blocks of text)
25. Find/replace
26. Show blocks — advanced feature to reveal what HTML containers everything is in (helps with trouble-shooting)
27. Add media — images, YouTube or Vimeo videos, and other types of files (PDF, Microsoft Word, etc.)

Copy and paste from websites/content into the editor

  • “Ctrl-c” or “right click” and copy...
  • “Ctrl-v” in WebEdit...
    • Note that right-clicking to select “paste” may be restricted by your browser (security purposes), so use “Ctrl-v."
    • Pasting from MSWord can be quirky, although the system strips out as much as possible—while leaving what’s relevant to basic HTML style.

Keyboard “tricks”

  • “Return” is default to adding a <p> paragraph
  • “Shift-Return” is to add a line-break, which is great for content like addresses, etc.
  • Remove some hidden spacing or awkward line breaks by using this method.


  • Highlight text to link and type "Ctrl-l” or select the link (19) button.

Link Types

Internal path

  • Start typing the name of a page that exists in your site and the system will auto-complete page names to assist with locating it for you.


  • For protocol, normally “http://” or “https://”
  • Paste any URL, and the system will interpret it correctly


  • Click within the page to place an anchor in the position you want to link to.
  • Select the anchor button (21).
  • This system will show you the available anchors in the page to link to.


  • Email address is all that is needed.
  • Message subject and body can be optionally pre-populated.


  • To remove a link, place your cursor on the link, then select the unlink button (20).
  • To change a link, place your cursor on the link, then select the link button (19) to change the link options.

Link tips

  • The option to open a link in a new window is not available.
  • Links are regularly checked for validity by the system, and notices of invalid (broken) links may appear at the top of the page when edited.

Can’t find what you need?

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