News Writing Tips

Is it School news? Or is it local news?

News/Events syndicated to

Type of story or event

SOP main site

Note: only dean's office staff may syndicate stories and events to main SOP site.


These are news items or events that are schoolwide in their scope, interest, and impact. The content focuses on a School-level leader, policy, or research that is highly significant in its field.


PharmD curriculum transformation: an interview with Vice Dean Sharon Youmans

Benet receives Remington Honor Medal, highest award in pharmacy

Department sites and Microsites: labs, programs, centers

Specific to department, lab, program

These are news items or events that are of particular interest to the department, lab, or program.

  • Advancement, tenure, research papers, and funding stories: those that are not press releases for UCSF or School of Pharmacy
  • Seminars, lectures, department events
  • Faculty and staff happenings


Zev Gartner receives tenure

Department Says Farewell to Frances Brodsky

PharmD site

Specific to PharmD education

These are news items or events that are of interest specifically to PharmD students and prospective students, including student and staff happenings.


Bourdet named to Academy of Medical Educators

Write a brief news story

  • First, gather the facts.
  • Use the inverted pyramid to plan your story.
  • The most important facts and details should come first.
  • Look at news examples on department sites.

inverted pyramid news writing

Critical information at the beginning; they could stop reading at any time.

The 5 Ws… and maybe an H

  • Who is it about? (could be a person, group, or an entity: the department/lab/school)
  • What happened or is going to happen?
  • When did it take place or is it going to take place?
  • Where did it take place or is it going to take place?
  • Why is this happening?
  • Sometimes add: How did it happen?

Getting the Words Right

Do you need tips on the mechanics of writing (including grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation) and editorial style? Check out our Editorial references and resources.