Job Postings

This page describes how to post jobs to the home page of a department website or the PharmD program in the School of Pharmacy. This is one of our Features.

Request permission

If you or your delegate needs permission to add or remove jobs, you may request this permission by completing the form at Website Support. You can expect us to respond to these requests within two business days.

To add a job

  1. Before you begin, each job requires a job title and a job url.
  2. Log in to the website using the instructions provided to you.
  3. In the admin menu, select Content > Add Content > Job.
  4. Complete the Create Job page. For example:
    Title = Tenure-Track Faculty: Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor
    Job URL = https​://​aprecruit​.ucsf.edu/apply/JPF01107
  5. If successful, you will see a notice indicating this:

    job has been created notice
  6. Visit the home page. The job you entered should appear in the Jobs section.

To view a list of all jobs for editing

  1. In the admin menu, select Content.
  2. Filter the content to show only items where type is job:
    screenshot before

    which results in:

To reorder jobs

Jobs are presented most recent at the top, least recent at the bottom, based on their author date. To reorder jobs, edit the “Authored on” field for one or more jobs accordingly.

To remove one or more jobs

  1. Follow the instructions above to view a list of all jobs for editing.
  2. To remove several jobs at one time:
    1. Select the checkbox for each job you want to remove.
    2. In the Update Options section, select “Unpublish selected content” then select Update:
  3. Or, to remove only one job:
    1. Select Edit next to the job you want to remove. The Edit Job page appears.
    2. Clear the checkbox on the field called Published. Jobs are never deleted; only unpublished. If the removal is only temporary, later you can select the Published checkbox to republish it.


Contact us at Website Support.