Offsite Links

This page describes how to add, change, or remove offsite links to certain websites on pharm.ucsf.edu. Offsite links currently apply only to multipage, non-lab websites on pharm.ucsf.edu. Offsite links for lab websites is planned, but we do not have a date for when it will be available. Offsite links is one of our Features.

What is it?

An offsite link is a link that:

  1. you want prominently featured on every page
  2. has a link destination that is on a domain other than pharm.ucsf.edu.

Why do we have this feature?

It is a common and best practice that the primary navigation of your website include only links to pages within your website, meaning on the same domain. If you were to include links to other domains in your primary navigation, visitors can become disoriented while browsing because this common navigation convention is not followed.

When do I use it?

Anytime you have a link that goes to a different domain that you want visitors to find easily from any page in your site.


Anytime you might want to put a link in your primary navigation but that link goes to a different domain.


  1. Your lab website has a frequently used web application that lives on a different domain.
  2. Your website links to a different website for ordering materials or for completing a survey or other form or for an internal-only intranet site or web application.

How do offsite links appear?

Offsite links appear adjacent to the primary navigation but are styled differently so that it’s clear they aren’t primary navigation items. Offsite links appear on every page in your site.

Adding an offsite link

To add your first offsite link, submit this request at Website Support. After your first offsite link is live, you’ll be able to add, change, and remove offsite links on your own.

Editing existing offsite links

  1. Log in to pharm.ucsf.edu using the instructions previously provided to you.
  2. Visit any page in your site.
  3. Hover your pointing device over the group of offsite links. A gear icon appears adjacent to the group of offsite links.
  4. Select Edit Menu from the dropdown menu that appears when you select the gear icon. A list of menu links appears.
  5. Select the Edit link for the menu link you want to edit.
  6. Edit any fields as needed, then select Save.

Reordering offsite links

Link order can be controlled by adjusting the Weight field for each link. Links with lower weight values appear at the top; those with higher weight values appear at the bottom.

Removing an offsite link


Edit the link, then clear the Enabled checkbox.


Edit the link, then select Delete.

Optional heading

You may optionally include a heading above your group of offsite links. To add, change, or remove a heading, submit this request at Website Support.


Contact us at Website Support.