Create an Events page on your microsite by selecting from the Drupal toolbar (black, top of page): Content > Add Content > Events.


An events page has five fields:

  1. Title (required)
  2. Date and time
  3. Location
  4. Map Address
  5. Body


Enter the title of your events page.

Note: The url of your events page will be generated based on the title, eg. .../events/some-event-title. Do not set your own domain-specific path at the end of this page.

Date and time

Enter the date and time of the event. An "All Day" event will not have a time field. Enabling "Show End Date" allows entering an end date and time for the event.


Provide information such as location, building name, and/or room number information. For example, "FDA White Oak Campus, Building 31 Great Room."

Map address

Enter a real street address for this event that may be different than the "Location." This address will be used to show a Google map/image on the event page.


Follow the WebEdit and Images & Media guides to enter the content of your news page.

Events Landing Page

An events landing page that displays all your events already exists at https​​://pharm.ucsf.edu/[name]/events, where [name] is replaced by the url fragment that represents your site.

Your new event page will display a thumbnail on the events landing page.

Note: Although the landing page exists, it is not added to the menu navigation automatically. See the Menu section of Microsite System help on how to add items to the menu.


When you are ready to publish your events page:

  1. Save your draft to return to viewing your unpublished draft, and proofread that your content is the way you want it.
  2. From the yellow background box in the left navigation, select "Published" and apply.
    publish image