Create a News page on your microsite by selecting from the Drupal toolbar (black, top of page): Content > Add Content > News.


A news page has three fields:

  1. Title (required)
  2. Featured Image
  3. Body
  4. Keywords


Enter the title of your news page.

Note: The url of your news page will be generated based on the title, eg. .../news/some-news-title. Do not set your own domain-specific path at the end of this page.

Featured image

A featured image may be included in the news page. This image will display near the top right of the content area. It may display with a caption and image credit.

Select "Browse" to open the add image dialog.

The add image dialog has four tabs:

  • Upload (default): upload an image from your computer
  • Web: enter the URL of an image already online somewhere
  • Library: select an image that has already been uploaded before
  • Your Files: select an image that you have uploaded before

The full image will always be displayed, shrunk to fit the designated area.

Note: The thumbnail image that appears on the "/news" landing page will use the square cropped version of the image.


Follow the WebEdit and Images & Media guides to enter the content of your news page.



A keyword may be just one word or phrase. Enter one or more keywords separated by commas.

Special news keyword landing pages allow users to view a list of news content filtered by keyword. This feature can also be used to imitate different types of news content like "press releases", "general updates", etc. See the News Keyword Landing Page section below for further explanation.

News Landing Page

A news landing page that displays all your news already exists:


News pages will display thumbnails on the news landing page.

Note: Although the landing page exists, it is not added to the menu navigation automatically. See the Menu section of Microsite System help on how to add items to the menu.

News Keyword Landing Page

A news keyword landing page displays news filtered by the keyword provided in the URL.

The URL pattern looks like:


You may add this link to the site menu for users to find easily.

By using keywords and adding a link to the menu, users can see matching news content such as "press releases" or "staff updates" or any keyword news on its own and not mixed in with all other news.


When you are ready to publish your news page:

  1. Save your draft to return to viewing your unpublished draft, and proofread that your content is the way you want it.
  2. From the yellow background box in the left navigation, select "Published" and apply.
    publish image