This page describes how printing works in the Thomas A. Oliver Informatics Resource Center (IRC).
We have two black-and-white laser printers and one color laser printer to handle your printing needs. You can print to these printers from any desktop computer in the lab.

You need a credit card to print

To print from a computer to a printer in the IRC:

  1. Log in to one of the computers in the room.
  2. An application called PaperCut opens automatically after you log in. This software manages our printing process.
  3. In the PaperCut window, use a credit card to add funds to your printing account.
  4. You can now print from any computer in the room to any printer in the room. Funds in your account are withdrawn for each print job.


  • black and white = 5 cents per page
  • color = 25 cents per page

Rates are the same regardless of whether you print single- or double-sided. e.g., one sheet of paper printed black and white on both sides is 10 cents. Printing fees cover our costs for paper, toner, printer hardware and maintenance, and other expenses incurred in support of the facility.

WiFi Laptop Printing

Web Printing

You can also print from your own laptop to one of our printers, or you can send a print job from home to one of our printers for later pickup.

  1. Log in to The username is your SF number. The password is the same password you use to log in to UCSF email.
  2. Select Web Print from the left navigation bar, then follow the instructions to upload the document you want to print.

The Web Print feature has a few limitations:

  1. Web Print job filesizes are limited to 100 MB and restricted to certain filetypes: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and XPS. If you encounter problems with these restrictions, contact us.
  2. Web Print doesn’t support printing on both sides of a page (duplexing). If you need duplexing, use the traditional method of printing (see below).
  3. Web Print doesn’t work with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) or Android devices. We’re waiting for our printing system’s vendor to support Android; it said it might in the future. We could support iOS devices today, but it would require us to invest about $1,000, and we’re not sure how much it will be used. Let us know if you want us to support these devices by completing our short survey.
  4. Web Print jobs don’t have cover pages, so retrieve your remote print jobs in a timely manner.
  5. Web Print jobs are not stored securely; send confidential documents to our printers only if you can retrieve them immediately.

Traditional method

If Web Print is not working for you, transfer your document to (or make your document available from) a desktop computer in the room. For example, transfer it using a USB drive or send it to yourself in email then log in to email from the desktop computer’s web browser.

Printing in other computer labs works differently

Unfortunately, the printing system used in the IRC is not the same as at other computer labs available to you. If you want to print at other computer labs, you’ll need to set up a separate account.

Problems? Questions?

Contact us.