Drop Off at a Donation Drive

two students with portable table and chairs and rain gear.

PharmD students Marianne Duran and Adriana Gardner, both Class of 2022, promote the collection of PPE during a donation drive while it rains outside of TIN Rx Pharmacy on Market Street on Saturday, April 4, 2020.

UCSF pharmacy students will be holding multiple drives for people to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) at community pharmacies throughout the Bay Area. Drive dates, times, and locations are forthcoming and will be listed on this page.

Items for collection

  • unused N95 or surgical masks
  • unopened hand sanitizer
  • unopened glove boxes
  • unopened disinfectants (e.g., Clorox wipes)
  • packaged, unused goggles

Donation drives

To be announced

More details

PharmD students organize PPE drives for hospitals to fight COVID-19