Arrange for Pick Up

This page describes how you can donate personal protective equipment (PPE) by arranging for pick up from your location.

Items for collection

  • unused N95 or surgical masks
  • unopened hand sanitizer
  • unopened glove boxes
  • unopened disinfectants (e.g., Clorox wipes)
  • packaged, unused goggles

Pick-up via Alto Pharmacy

Alto Pharmacy is a digital, independent pharmacy operating in the Bay Area, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Alto has partnered with UCSF to leverage its courier fleet to pick up donated PPE from local pharmacies and connect donations to local hospitals. In order to ensure that healthcare workers who need them the most receive the supplies, Alto is working with GetMePPE to identify sites with the most severe need. More info: Connecting Crucial COVID-19 Supplies with Healthcare Workers.

Arrange a pickup