Current Grants

Risk-Benefit Trade-Offs for Whole Genome Sequencing

The objective of this award is to evaluate the benefit-risk trade-offs of genomic sequencing technologiesfrom an individual perspective -how patients make decisions about sequencing and from a societal perspective - how sequencing may impact the health care system.

Funding: NHGRI (R01 HG007063)

Timeframe: 02/15/2013 – 01/31/2017


Who is Paying, Will be Paying, and Should be Paying for Genomic Sequencing?

The objective of this award is the development of a registry of factors relevant to coverage and reimbursement of sequencing tests and conduct analyses using the registry.

Funding: NHGRI (R01 HG007063sup)

Timeframe: 08/12/2014 – 12/31/2015


UCSF Cancer Center Support Grant

The objective of this award is to support cutting-edge research programs and clinical trials over five years. TRANSPERS’s role is to provide leadership in cancer outcomes and population research.

Funding: NHI/NCI (P30 CA082103)

Timeframe: 06/01/2012-05/31/2017


Moving From Economic Theories Of Rational Choice To Behavioral Economics

The objective of this award is to develop expertise and a track record in behavioral economics and thereby be able to incorporate this perspective into TRANSPERS research.

Funding: UCSF RAP

Timeframe: 01/01/2015–12/31/2015