• volunteer group photo at Project Open Hand event
  • packing meals at Project Open Hand event
  • making meals at Project Open Hand event

The Staff Wellness Group promotes the well-being, professional development, and community engagement of the UCSF School of Pharmacy staff by:

  • Accomplishing personal growth together
  • Linking the staff to development opportunities and supporting success
  • Encouraging collaboration, building community, and breaking down silos
  • Connecting the staff to campus and community resources
  • Celebrating and recognizing workplace innovation among the staff

We plan and organize activities and events for the staff throughout the year, quarterly at minimum, and share our accomplishments at School Town Halls and other meetings in order to encourage engagement.


All School of Pharmacy staff members are members of the School’s staff wellness community and are encouraged to engage in wellness activities and provide representation to the Staff Wellness Group from across School departments and units, and from each School location.

How to join the Staff Wellness Group

Contact Liana Crosby, executive assistant to the dean. Join us!

Group members

  • Denetra Anderson (Office of Finance and Administration)
  • Liana Crosby (Central Dean’s Office)
  • Erin Harrison (Office of Education and Instructional Support)
  • Rebecca Miller, advisor (Office of Education and Instructional Support)
  • Christina Chen (Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences)
  • Megan Dross (Office of Student and Curricular Affairs)
  • Michelle King (Office of Finance and Administration)
  • Marissa Lee-Baird (Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  • Shalimar Sancho (Central Dean’s Office)
  • Alexa Tan (Office of Education and Instructional Support)
  • Joanne Williams (Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Monthly group meetings


Every 3rd Thursday

We announce the group meeting time to all members by email in advance of the meeting.


Parnassus Heights campus, currently

We plan to alternate meeting locations to make it more convenient for staff members at other sites to join the group.

Upcoming events

Look for upcoming events in emails from the Staff Wellness Group to all School staff members.

Past events

  • Collaboration events with School of Dentistry
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction workshop, April 13, 2017: attended by faculty, staff, and students
  • Résumé workshop for staff, June 21, 2017: hugely successful
  • Nutrition lecture by Bobby Baron, MD, May 2, 2017: very well attended by faculty and staff
  • Sleep hygiene lecture by David Claman, MD, August 25, 2017: very well attended by faculty and staff
  • Blanket, Coat, Hat, & Scarf Drive: The drive was held in partnership with School of Pharmacy students. Donations were delivered to Mabuhay Health Center and to Episcopal Community Services.
  • Step It Up Challenge: The School of Pharmacy encouraged groups to form and compete in this health challenge in 2016. A Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences group won with the highest number of points. Prizes were awarded to the winning group and individual. The winning group and individual will be announced for the 2017 Step It Up Challenge.
  • Project Open Hand community service event: A group of 11 of us worked for half a day at Project Open Hand in San Francisco, preparing meals for the seniors and the disabled in San Francisco. This was a big success, and we hope to make this a regular event in the School.
  • Interview Workshop for staff, November 2, 2017: follow-up to the Résumé workshop
  • Ergonomics Workshop led by Divya Narayan, November 17, 2017

Staff resources