Research laboratory of Rada Savic, PhD
Integrative Pharmacology Laboratory


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Research interests

Principal investigator


Rada Savic, PhD

Principal Investigator

[email protected]

I work on methodological advancement and application of systems pharmacology models to drug development and therapy optimization problems in tuberculosis (TB), HIV, oncology, and diabetes.

Lab members


Daniel Chan, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

[email protected]

In collaboration with industry, my current research involves using pharmacometric modeling (PK/PD) and predictive biomarkers to develop a data-driven framework for precision medicine of biologics for chronic inflammatory diseases with the aim of maximizing individual patient response to biologics therapy.


Natasha Strydom, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

[email protected]

I am involved in modeling preclinical data with a current focus on emergence of antimycobacterial resistance. My work aims to integrate with translational models to predict improved treatment outcomes in patients with tuberculosis.


Andy Gewitz, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

[email protected]

I am interested in the intersection of statistics and pharmacometrics and how insights leveraged in both fields can be better applied to modeling settings ranging from the preclinical to the clinical domain.


Nan Zhang, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

[email protected]

I am creating a pharmacometric framework to evaluate clinical trial data on predictive biomarkers by identifying the different limitations of a typical Phase 2 study setting that could result in data analysis limitations through simulations using PK-biomarker-PD models.


Marjorie Imperial

Graduate Student

[email protected]

I am developing computational models that investigate the variability observed in drug response. Ultimately, the goal is to apply these models to provide personalized medicine for improved diagnosis, therapies, and prognosis of diseases.

Stella Belonwu

Graduate Student

[email protected]

I will be employing computational tools to address the research gap in the pharmacokinetics (PK) and long-term safety information of Moxifloxacin(MFX) in children with Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis(MDR-TB). MFX is currently considered the most potent fluoroquinolone against M. tuberculosis. Our end goal is to propose appropriate MFX treatment regimens for children to be evaluated in the next clinical trial.



Peter Lu

Administrative Analyst

[email protected]



Former lab members




Ron Keizer, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar and Research Scientist

CSO and co-founder at Insight-Rx, a startup focused on using pharmacometrics for precision dosing

Sirj Goswami, PhD

PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics

CEO and co-founder at Insight-Rx, a startup focused on using pharmacometrics for precision dosing

Jennifer Hibma, PharmD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Quantitative clinical pharmacologist at Pfizer

Yookhwan Noh, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Assistant professor at Ulsan University Hospital

Sneha Gupta, PhD

Clinical Pharmacology Fellow

Clinical pharmacologist at Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Jodi Parikh, PhD

Visiting Scholar

Postdoc at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Allison Komirenko

Visiting Scholar

Biotech Clinical Research Fellow at Achaogen

Viktoria Grahnen, MSc Junior Specialist Labeling Strategist Manager at AbbVie
Malte Larsen, MSc Junior Specialist PhD Student at University of Copenhagen
John Fors, MS, NP-C Specialist Nurse Practitioner at Stanford Health Care
Desiree Legetth, MSc Junior Specialist Quality Assurance Officer at AstraZeneca
Niels Erik Olesen, PhD Junior Specialist Postdoc at Center for Research, University of Copenhagen
Ana Kalezic, MSc Junior Specialist PhD student at Uppsala University
Benjamin Guiastrennec, PharmD, MS Visiting Graduate Student

PhD Student at Uppsala University

Yusi Chen Visiting Graduate Student Graduate Student at Tsinghua University

Imke Bartelink, PhD

Clinical Pharmacology Fellow