Join Our Team

Our lab conducts novel research using experimental and computational genomics, population genetics, and traditional epidemiology. We have a strong interest in the interaction of social, environmental, and genetic risk factors for asthma and differential drug response in ethnically diverse populations.

We have both dry and wet lab expertise, and our lab team includes an exceptional combination of talented graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from diverse fields, including medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics/statistics, computational biology/bioinformatics, and genetics/genomics.

We welcome applications from talented, creative, and dedicated individuals who are interested in studying human disease and translational medicine. Familiarity with programming skills (Python, Perl, etc.) and/or statistical packages (R, SAS, STATA, etc.) is highly desired.

Graduate students

We welcome interested PhD, PharmD, and MD students from all over the world to contact us about a rotation. We accept only those students who have their own funding and who are willing to commit to a one-year, chance-of-a-lifetime experience at UC San Francisco (UCSF).

Undergraduate and high school students

Send an introductory note describing possible research interests. Please include a copy of your transcript and references. In addition, please describe how you would benefit from working with us and how our lab would benefit from working with you.