Beth Apsel Winger, MD, PhD

Dr. Beth Apsel Winger is a physician-scientist in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and Clinical Pharmacy at UCSF. She is committed to using precision medicine to improve therapeutics and outcomes for children with cancer and other blood diseases. Her research has two main focuses: 1) understanding mutations in kinases so that we can expand the use of targeted therapies and match the right drug to the right patient, and 2) developing precision dosing strategies to give every patient the right amount of drug for their body.

Lisa Pulianmackal

Lisa Pulianmackal, PhD

Lisa graduated from the University of California, Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. Here, she worked with Dr. Andreas Baumler to study the impact of inflammation on Salmonella pathogenesis. She later received her PhD from the University of Michigan, where she worked with Dr. Anthony Vecchiarelli to investigate the mechanisms underlying subcellular organization in bacteria. In the Winger lab, Lisa seeks to characterize kinase mutations found in cancer patients to further develop targeted therapeutics. Outside of the lab, Lisa can be found biking around, hiking near waterfalls, or digging in the mud.

Trang Dao-Pick

Trang Dao-Pick, MA

Trang received her M.A. degree from San Francisco State University and is deeply passionate about cancer research. She thrives in scientific communities dedicated to finding cures for cancer and has developed a robust skill set in cell-based assays, flow cytometry, and molecular biology throughout her career. Trang values teamwork and collaboration, actively mentoring junior members while also seeking guidance from senior colleagues to foster group success. Her dedication to science is matched by her commitment to personal growth and community.

In addition to her professional life, Trang enjoys hiking, cooking, playing guzheng, and spending quality time with her friends and family. These activities not only provide balance but also inspire her creativity and resilience in her work.

Emma Gunderson

Emma Gunderson, MSc

Emma Gunderson is a project manager in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy at UCSF. She administratively supports the Winger lab to ensure research runs smoothly.