AAPS 25th Anniversary: A Message From AAPS’ First President

Leslie Benet, PhD, a founder of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, delivers some brief words on AAPS’ 25th Anniversary.

USP Convention 2010 - Leslie Benet, PhD

Benet, Professor of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, University of California, San Francisco School of Pharmacy, speaks about the importance of USP’s 2010 Convention.

Webisode 1: Introduction to PSWC2010

Get a look at what to expect from the Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress 2010 in New Orleans. Mario L. Rocci Jr., PhD, Congress Chair and Ho-Leung Fung, PhD, Scientific Program Chair will introduce you to the goals and program themes of PSWC2010.

Benet: On the relationship between theory and experimental practice

Benet recalls a discovery involving theory and experimentation and their relation to tuberculosis and dosing of rifampin (aka rifampicin).

Benet: Discovering Monkey Subterfuge

Benet recalls a discovery regarding carbamazepine and monkeys.