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Fellows work with research and clinical faculty members at UCSF—a world-renowned institution exclusively focused on health sciences.

Current postdoctoral scholars and fellows



Research interests

Folagbayi Arowolo, PhD

Clinical Pharmacology Fellow

[email protected]

Precision medicine and optimization of drug dosing regimens using mass spectrometry

Isaac Cohen PharmD

Clinical Pharmacology Fellow

[email protected]

Population PK modeling of antibiotics, retrospective analysis of postoperative pain management, and advising psychiatric drug development

Briana Fitch, PhD

Clinical Pharmacology Fellow

[email protected]
Therapeutic drug monitoring of anticoagulants, clinical applications of mass spectrometry, and prognostic value of inflammatory markers in infectious disease and cancer.

Amy Liu, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacology Fellow

[email protected]

Geriatric pharmacotherapy and medication management

Yasmine White, MD

Clinical Fellow, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

Clinical Pharmacology Fellow

[email protected]

Pharmaceuticals for birth asphyxia, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling in neonates

Jonathan Witonsky, MD

Clinical Fellow, Pediatrics

Clinical Pharmacology Fellow

[email protected]

Genetic and epigenetic factors in the development of asthma, pulmonary function testing in admixed populations, and health disparities in clinical research

Eric Wohlford, MD, PhD

Clinical Fellow, Pediatrics

Clinical Pharmacology Fellow

[email protected]

Genetic and microbial factors associated with immune-mediated diseases including asthma in children. Interests include improving disparities in research and clinical care for minority populations, with an aim to make personalized medicine available to all populations.


Yu “Jada” Zhang, MD, PhD

Clinical Pharmacology Fellow

[email protected]


Former fellows

Who, Years mentored


Main research

Amelia Deitchman PharmD, PhD
January 2018 - January 2020

Assistant Professor, UCSF Clinical Pharmacy clinical and translational pharmacology and pharmacometrics to understand drug action and variability to improve patient outcomes and streamline drug development in the setting of infectious disease, specifically tuberculosis, HIV, and malariar
Elizabeth Ennis, PhD Pharmacologist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

genetic determinants of metformin pharmacokinetics, and drug-transporter interactions

Priya Jayachandran, PharmD, MSE
July 2017- June 2020

Pharmacometrician at Pfizer

pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic modeling of drug response, infectious diseases, pediatrics, study design, global health

Eunice Lee, PhD Fellow, National Institutes of Health

environmental and molecular epidemiology, gene-environment interactions, biomarkers of exposure to air pollution, drug response

Lesly-Anne Samedy, PharmD, PhD, MS
July 2017-June 2020

Program Officer, National Institutes of Health (NICHD)

pharmacogenetics and epigenetic factors in the development of asthma in admixed populations; pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and drug response; genetic variant associations; health disparities

Erika Wallender, MD, MPH


pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling to optimize antimalarial use for malaria treatment and prevention in children in Uganda