INK128 Formulation

For in vivo experiments (the concentration of 1 mg/kg)

  1. Make a 20 mg/ml (100 X) stock solution of INK128 in NMP. Freeze aliquots and store at -80.
  2. Prepare vehicle solution---15% PVP/H2O: Dissolve 15.8 g of PVP into 84.2 mL of water and then sterile filtered. Once this solution is made, keep in dark at room temperature.
  3. Make final INK128 solution: Dilute stock 1:100 into 15% PVP/H2O for final concentration of 0.2 mg/ml. Dosing solutions seem to be fine for 2-3 weeks at 4 C kept in the dark.
  4. Dose at 100 ul po/20 g mouse (=1 mg/kg).

Note: Only after dissolving drug in NMP should then combine with the 99% PVP/ H2O solution.

Products information

  1. INK128 is from LC Laboratories, product number I-3344, 10mg. Link:
  2. NMP is from Sigma-Aldrich, product number #328634, 100ml (1-Methyl 2-pyrrolidinone, anhydrous, 99.5%). Link: n=US
  3. The PVP is from Sigma-Aldrich, product number #81420, 100g (Polyvinylpyrrolidone K 30 avg MW 40,000). Link: =US

For in vitro experiments

  1. Purchase INK128 with the amount of 1mg.
  2. Dissolve INK128 in 3.23 ml of DMSO to the stock concentration of 1mM/L. For long term storage, freeze aliquots and store at -80.
  3. Then dilute INK128 to a middle concentration with cell culture medium before adding to cell culture.