The Arkin Lab strives to be an environment that nurtures scientific and personal growth with a focus on mentorship spanning all levels of expertise. As such, we are dedicated to underlining the importance of diversity and inclusion within our lab, UCSF, and science as a whole through our Core Values, abbreviated KITTEN HEELS, which highlight our commitment to supporting community and synergy. Together, we strive to uphold the basic principle outlined within these values: that all people are to be treated with dignity and respect.

Kitten Heels

Kindness – treat everyone with respect and integrity

Inclusivity – celebrate our differences and their contributions to a collaborative work environment

Teamwork – although some things can be accomplished individually, it is more efficient and more fun when we join forces and support each other in our goals

Transparency – being open with one another about our projects, goals, and concerns to ensure clear communication and progress both within our scientific and personal pursuits

Equity – recognize that different people have different needs and definitions of success and work together to uphold our lab values

Novelty – it is the goal of the Arkin lab to discover exciting new approaches to drug discovery and basic science in order to address challenging chemical biology problems

Health – as a part of a health institute with a medicinal chemistry focus, we recognize that racial and cultural inequality is a global health issue and we strive to understand these complex principles so that our discoveries can benefit all people

Education – a strong focus on mentorship at all levels with a focus on a non-judgmental space where all ideas and concerns can be voiced freely

Emotional Intelligence – dedication to ensuring that we grow as scientists, people, and a community and that our personal needs are met along with our professional ones

Leadership – everyone has an even opportunity to take control of their project and scientific interests in order to become a leading expert in their field

Safety – follow OSHA and EH&S guidelines, but also ensure that the lab is a safe space both physically and mentally for all members