‘Bucky-ball’ binding protein featured on PDB Molecule of the Month

Buckyball illustration

Another DGL de novo protein has been featured in Molecule of the Month: Proteins and Nanoparticles. It highlights the designed protein which binds and facilitates ordering of fullerene and also self-assembles into ordered arrays on carbon nanotubes, which was a result of work done in the DeGrado Lab and later in collaboration with the groups of DGL alumni Gevorg Grigoryan and Yong-Ho Kim.

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PDB entry for the fullerene organizing protein: 5ET3: Crystal Structure of De novo Designed Fullerene organizing peptide


Citations to the original publications characterizing the designed protein:

  • Grigoryan G, Kim YH, Acharya R, Axelrod K, Jain RM, Willis L, Drndic M, Kikkawa JM, DeGrado WF. Computational design of virus-like protein assemblies on carbon nanotube surfaces. Science. 2011 May 27; 332(6033):1071-6. View in: PubMed.
  • Kim KH, Ko DK, Kim YT, Kim NH, Paul J, Zhang SQ, Murray CB, Acharya R, DeGrado WF, Kim YH, Grigoryan G. Protein-directed self-assembly of a fullerene crystal. Nat Commun. 2016 Apr 26;7:11429. View in: PubMed.