Exciting Winter-Spring Quarter in the DeGrado Lab

We've had a busy winter and spring. This is a quick update of the lab fun, science adventures, and research highlights since then.

Lab hang-outs

Bill and Lili.

Bill and Lili on Administrator Appreciation Day 2019, also DGL Waffle Wednesday.

Mid-day break for birthday pastries

Another DGL birthday celebration

Francis Arnold, 2019 Nobel winner visits UCSF & DeGrado Lab


Bill headlines International Peptide Society meeting in Kyoto + Lab hang-outs abroad


Bill giving his keynote lecture near Kyoto University.

We also published a bunch of exciting articles!

Here are a few highlights:

Membrane protein design


Mravic et al 2019, Science.

"Packing of apolar side chains enables accurate design of highly stable membrane proteins" in Science. (2019) 363(6434):1418-23.

Peptide chemistry


Sequence specific peptide bond cleavage induced by nickle.

"SNAC-tag for sequence-specific chemical protein cleavage" in Nature Methods. (2019) 16(4):319-322. Led by DGL post-doc Bobo Dang.

Molecular tools for neuroscience

Custom infrared probe for amyloid fiber formation

"Glutamine side chain 13C= 18O as a non-perturbative IR probe of amyloid fibril hydration and assembly" in JACS. (2019). Led by DGL post-doc Haifan Wu and in collaboration with UCSF Sali lab.