Farewell Kazutoshi!

Kazutoshi accept his sweater gift


Kazutoshi Takahashi, a scientist visiting us from the Ajinomoto Company in Japan, says his farewell to the DeGrado lab. The lab gathered for an "American food" lunch of Kazutoshi's choice, Umami burger! Kazutoshi cut the chocolate cake, and DGL post-docs SQZ and Haifan Wu passed around slices until nobody could eat another bite.

Jo presents Kazutoshi with a gift from the lab, a UCSF sweater

Thank you Kazutoshi!



Jo then shared quite a few nice words, and presented Kazutoshi with a parting gift from the lab: a card and a UCSF sweater! Kazutoshi thanked everyone, and tried to get people to eat more cake.

DGL enjoys Umami burger and cake for Kazutoshi's last day


We all appreciated our time spent with Kazutoshi inside and outside of the lab, and wish him the best of luck back with Ajinomoto back in Japan. Laso big thanks to Jo, Lili, and Thomas for organizing the lunch/gift.