Welcome new post-docs Huong, Robert, & Nick!

Nick Polizzi, Robert Newberry, Huong Kratochvil
Hyunil Jo

Nick Polizzi, Robert Newberry, Huong Kratochvil

DeGrado Lab starts the 2016-17 academic year with some new faces joining the lab. Those include post-doctoral scholars Nick Polizzi, Robert Newberry, Huong Kratochvil.


Huong Tran Kratochvil joins us from Martin Zanni's lab at Univ. Wisconsin-Madison where she used 2D-infered spectroscopy to study protein structural biology. See her graduate thesis research published in the journal Science earlier this year!

Kratochvil H.T. et al, 2016. Instantaneous ion configurations in the K+ ion channel selectivity filter revealed by 2D IR spectroscopy. Science. 353(6303):1040-1044.

Interestingly, Huong was in the same undergraduate lab at Univ. Texas Austin and U. W-M graduate program as new DGL post-doc Robert Newberry!


Robert Newberry got his PhD with Ronald T. Raines (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison) highlighting the energetic importance and prevalence of some often overlooked hydrogen bonding type interactions in protein structure.

Newberry R. W. et al, 2016. A prevalent intraresidue hydrogen bond stabilizes proteins. Nature Chem Bio, ePub before print.

Newberry's work was highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News last month! For the rest of his publications, visit Google Scholar: Robert W. Newberry.


Finally, Nick Polizzi joins us from completing his PhD from the Betran and Therien groups at Duke Univ. where he used de novo design, synthetic chemistry, and spectroscopy to study proton coupled electron transfer in both chemistry and biology. While he has an exciting paper submitted and awaiting publication, check out some of his graduate work below.

Polizzi N.F. et al 2016. Photoinduced Electron Transfer Elicits a Change in the Static Dielectric Constant of a de Novo Designed Protein. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 138 (7), pp 2130–2133

Polizzi N.F. et al 2015. Defusing Redox Bombs? PNAS, 112 (35), pp 10821–10822.