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IPPE medication process

The IPPE student pharmacist is responsible for writing, submitting, and presenting a Medication Process Outline to his/her IPPE preceptor. The purpose of this activity is to give the student pharmacist the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the medication process within a health system and to ensure that the student has learned about the medication process from his or her IPPE.

Preceptor Teaching

The preceptor will walk the IPPE student pharmacist through the medication ordering, dispensing, and administration process. Before the final visit to the assigned site, the IPPE student pharmacist will submit in writing and present each step of the medication process from the point of making the decision to write a medication order or prescription to administration/self-administration of the medication. The preceptor will assess the accuracy of the outline and presentation and provide feedback to the student.

The Medication Process Outline Assignment

  • This is a one-page outline of the steps in the medication order, dispensing, and administration process at the site.
  • At the end of the outline, the student will describe three (3) areas of the medication process that are the most critical or where the pharmacy member must be most attentive to ensure safety and accuracy.
  • The student will present the Medication Process Outline to the preceptor towards the end of the experience.
  • The preceptor will provide feedback regarding the accuracy of your evaluation, including steps missed or inaccurately written or stated. This provides an opportunity to receive constructive feedback to help the student to better understand the medication process at the site and within health systems.
  • The preceptor may ask for corrections to be added into the outline and for re-submission.

Education of students

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