Faculty appointments Without Salary – WOS

Without Salary, or WOS, refers to volunteer faculty / preceptor appointments. These are faculty appointments at UCSF designated in a number of academic series with no associated pay.

The appointments include: volunteer clinical professor (VCP), adjunct faculty or lecturer (non-faculty academic) titles. The appropriate series will be determined by the Department of Clinical Pharmacy based on the qualifications described in the next question on requirements for a faculty appointment.

Appointments in all series are granted to pharmacists and educators who teach pharmacy students and residents in the School of Pharmacy at UCSF. Teaching may be done at UCSF or at a pharmacist’s practice site. Appointments in the adjunct series are also granted to researchers who collaborate with Clinical Pharmacy Principle Investigators.

What are the requirements for a faculty appointment?

General requirements for an appointment in teaching for all series include:

  • A commitment to the UCSF School of Pharmacy PharmD program
  • Devotes a minimum of 50 hours per year to the UCSF teaching program
    • Activities that count towards the 50-hour minimum requirement include:
      • Precepting a pharmacy student rotation or serving as a primary preceptor for a pharmacy student experience
      • Small group conference leader
      • Supplemental teaching activities in didactic coursework (e.g., participation in clinical examinations, clinical skills labs, drug monograph preceptor, etc.)
      • Supporting a research project for a numbered course
    • Activities that do not qualify towards the 50-hour minimum requirement include:
      • Mentoring students
      • CV review
      • Residency applications review
      • Research projects outside of the formal curriculum
  • A competent practitioner and good role model for students
    • Examples of a measure of competency include:
      • Completion of a post-graduate residency, fellowship or equivalent practice experience and/or additional board certifications
      • Documented evidence through evaluations
  • A competent educator with previous teaching experience and a commitment to excellence in teaching
    • Examples of a measure of competency include:
      • Documented evidence through teaching evaluations
      • Recipient of teaching awards
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Engages in continuous professional development
  • Contributes to advancement of the profession through scholarly work or professional involvement
  • Complies with all applicable University personnel policies and procedures

Qualifications for an appointment in the volunteer clinical professor (VCP) faculty series include:

  • California license, and in good standing or a current license in any state and employed by a federal agency
  • VCP requires Teaching, Professional Competence, Scholarly/Creative Activity (optional), and Service (optional)

Qualifications for an appointment in the adjunct series for teaching or research include:

  • Terminal degree in your field of expertise
  • Excellence in at least one and preferably more than one category including Research,Teaching, Service, Professional Competence
  • Teaching as described in the general teaching requirements or current and ongoing participation in research activities associated with a Clinical Pharmacy faculty principle investigator.
What are the requirements once appointed?
  • Maintain compliance with the requirements and qualifications listed above
    • Appointments are evaluated by the sponsoring faculty each year for consideration of continuance
  • Notify the sponsor if the requirements of the appointment can no longer be met
  • Notify the sponsor of any changes to teaching status, work or personal contact information
What are the benefits of having a WOS appointment?
  • Access to the UCSF on-line library and UCSF email
  • Reduced cost (and in some case free) continuing education programs
  • Access to preceptor development programs that help meet ACPE and ASHP accreditation standards
  • Eligibility for teaching awards and in some cases a cash prize for your recognition
  • Invitations to UCSF preceptor related events (local and professional meetings)
  • Eligibility to join the UCSF Alumni Association
  • Certificate indicating your Faculty appointment at UCSF
  • The prestige of a UCSF faculty appointment
  • Possibility of promotion through the faculty academic series
How does one apply for WOS status?


Program director


San Francisco Bay Area Tram Cat [email protected]
San Francisco Bay Area Valerie Clinard [email protected]
Fresno (unfilled)  
Los Angeles / Orange County Robin Corelli [email protected]
North Bay Kirsten Balano [email protected]
Greater Sacramento Tiffany Pon [email protected]
Non-Experiential Education Robin Corelli [email protected]

Return the following items to your local Program Director:

Your local Program Director or designee will review the application packet for completeness and send the documents forward for processing. Within 4-8 weeks after the initial processing, you will receive an email with instructions and a new hire packet to complete electronically. You will need to set up an appointment with your faculty sponsor or sponsors designee to complete the I-9 form and take the UC oath in person. At the same time HR will initiate an appointment packet and collect reference letters. The appointment packet will be routed for approval after HR receives the I-9 form and oath document. When your appointment is approved you will receive a welcome letter with additional information from your faculty sponsor. If you have a current paid staff appointment at a UC Campus, new hire paperwork is not required. It is important to note that the faculty appointment process can take several months to complete. The initial appointment may be up to 5 years for the Volunteer Clinical series, and up to 1 year for the adjunct faculty or lecturer (non-faculty academic) titles.

How can I advance in a faculty appointment?

Faculty have the opportunity to advance in all faculty series to Associate Professor and then to Full Professor. Please contact your faculty sponsor for details.

Once appointed how can I ensure all of my contact information remains current?

As a preceptor it is your responsibility to notify your faculty sponsor of any changes made to your contact information and paid appointment title.

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