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Student mentorship

Li working at computer.
Jennifer Elhawary

The Center for Genes, Environment, and Health provided me with an opportunity that I never thought would be obtainable with my age and background. There I got the chance to work with a diverse team to make genetic research more representative and inclusive.

–Annie Li

As mentorship is one of our core missions, we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to train the next generation of scientists in the importance of inclusion in biomedical research. We are happy to partner with organizations and people who share this goal and encourage students from all walks of life to reach out for positions.

Lowell Science Research Program (LSRP)

Sam Oh

Annie Li

Sam Oh

Oona Risse-Adams

The UCSF and Lowell High School collaborative effort called LSRP pairs a Lowell High School student with a UC San Francisco (UCSF) mentor with the aim of inspiring young minds toward research and scientific discovery.

While an LSRP scholar, Oona Risse-Adams studied asthma in admixed populations focusing specifically on drug response, gene-gene interactions, and genetic variant associations. In 2018, Oona started as an undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz pursuing a degree in computational biology.

Also an LSRP scholar, Annie Li started with us in 2017 focusing her research on the associations between runs of homozygosity and asthma in admixed populations. In 2019, Annie started at the University of Michigan pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering.

SF Build

Sam Oh

Maria Contreras

The mission of SF Build to increase diversity in science closely resembles our own. San Francisco State University partners with UCSF to pair SF State students traditionally underrepresented in science and technology with UCSF professors to perform research and ask innovative questions that transform the community around them.

Maria Contreras has been with the center since 2016 focusing her research on the effects socio-environmental and genetic interactions have on drug response in pediatric minority asthma patients.

Independent students

Jennifer Elhawary

Brian Plotkin

We happily accept students who are willing to work hard and contribute to the mission of the CGEH.

Brian Plotkin was with the center during the summer of 2019 researching the associations between early-life respiratory illness in minority children and asthma susceptibility. In fall 2019, he is studying biochemistry at Case Western Reserve University on a full ride scholarship.

Contact us to learn more and see if we have opportunities available.

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CPT) Postdoctoral Training Program

The center is highly involved in the Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Postdoctoral Training Program, which prepares the next generation of clinician-scientists in clinical pharmacology. We have hosted numerous scholars who have gone on to become leaders in pharmacology research within academia, industry, and government. We take a special interest in those MD and PharmD candidates who express an interest in our mission and who are dedicated to increasing the representation of underserved populations in clinical science.

Giving back

Puerto Rico residents hold a water filter and a sign saying Thank You UCSF.
Vivian Medina
Puerto Rico resident holds a water filter and a sign saying Thank You UCSF.
Vivian Medina
Puerto Rico resident holds a water filter and a sign saying Thank You UCSF.
Vivian Medina

After Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico in September 2017, much of the population was without access to clean drinking water. A junior scientist in the Burchard Lab organized the donation and delivery of 484 water filters to our Puerto Rican collaborators to distribute to those in need.