Rock Hall
lab workspaces

Located at the UC San Francisco Mission Bay Campus in Rock Hall, the Giacomini Lab is equipped for cell culture and drug analysis. The lab also houses:

  • a cold room
  • thermal cyclers
  • centrifuges
  • microscopes
  • scintillation counters
  • electrophoresis equipment and power supplies
  • gel dryers
  • incubator shakers
  • a FluorChem imager
  • luminometer
  • various microscopes
  • water baths
  • sinks

We also share lab space with adjacent facilities that house chemical hoods and large equipment such as:

  • shakers
  • incubators
  • high-speed centrifuges
  • autoclaves
  • gel visualization systems
  • cell culture rooms
  • microscope rooms
  • dishwashing rooms

We also use an animal facility in Rock Hall for animal research as well as the campus Nikon imaging center for advanced microscopy.