2023 Schedule


Course to be held at South San Francisco Conference Center, South San Francisco, CA
Time Activity Topic Instructor

Mon, Feb 20

8:00 AM Welcome Introduction to the course Leslie Benet
8:15 AM Lecture 1 Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics: Clearance Leslie Benet
9:50 AM Break    
10:20 AM Lecture 2 Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics: Distribution Leslie Benet
11:30 AM Workshop Introduction Tutors
11:50 AM Lunch    
12:50 PM Workshop 1 Clearance and Volume of Distribution Concepts Tutors
2:45 PM Break    
3:15 PM Lecture 3 Half-lives, mean residence times and temporal relationships afterAfter Intravascular Administration Leslie Benet
4:15–5:40 PM Workshop 2 Half-lives, mean residence times and temporal relationships after Intravascular Administration Tutors

Tue, Feb 21

8:00 AM  Workshop 3 Constant Rate Input Tutors
9:15 AM Lecture 4 Absorption I: Concepts and Kinetics Svein Øie
10:15 AM Break    
10:45 AM Lecture 5 Absorption II: Factors Influencing Drug Absorption Svein Øie
Noon Lunch    
1:00 PM Workshop 4 Absorption Concepts and Kinetics Tutors
2:45 PM Break    
3:15–5:15 PM Lecture 6

Renal and Hepatic

(Metabolic) Elimination

Svein Øie

Wed, Feb 22

8:00 AM Workshop 5 Renal and Hepatic Elimination Tutors
9:45 AM Break    
10:15 AM Lecture 7 Mean Residence Time of Catenary Chains Leslie Benet
11:00 AM Short Break    
11:10 AM Lecture 8 Multiple Dose Regimens Leslie Benet
Noon Lunch    
1:00 PM Lecture 9

Bioavailability, BCS, BDDCS, ECCS, and Drug-Drug Interactions (DDI)

Leslie Benet
2:30 PM Break    
3:00 PM Workshop 6 Mean Residence Time of Catenary Chains Tutors
4:00–5:30 PM Lecture 10

Integration of Kinetic Concepts

Leslie Benet

Thu, Feb 23

8:00 AM Workshop 7 Multiple Dose Regimens Tutors
9:00 AM Workshop 8 Integration of Kinetic Concepts, Part 1 Tutors
10:15 AM Break    
10:45 AM Lecture 11 Multicompartment Kinetics Svein Øie
12:30 PM Lunch    
1:15 PM Workshop 9 Integration of Kinetic Concepts, Part 2 Tutors
2:20 PM Workshop 10 Multicompartment Kinetics Tutors
3:15 PM Break    

Elective Sessions Start

3:45–5:45 PM  Lecture A1 Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics Modeling James Uchizono
  Lecture A2 Macromolecule Pharmacokinetics Sara Kenkare-Mitra

Fri, Feb 24

8:00 AM  Lecture B1 Nonlinear Pharmacokinetics Deanna Kroetz
  Lecture B2 Phar​ma​co​ge​no​mics in the Management of Variability Kathleen Giacomini
10:00 AM Break    
10:20 AM Workshop 11
  • PKPD Modeling
  • Macromolecule PK


  • Nonlinear PK
  • Pharmacogenomics
Noon Course Adjourns