2020 Schedule

Time Activity Topic Instructor

Sun, Feb 23

7:00–8:00 PM Welcome Reception  Houlihan's in Holiday Inn SF Airport hotel, 275 S. Airport Blvd, South San Francisco CA  

Course held at South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Mon, Feb 24

7:30 AM Continental Breakfast    
8:00 AM Welcome Introduction to the course Leslie Benet
8:15 AM Lecture 1 Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics: Clearance Leslie Benet
9:50 AM Coffee Break    
10:20 AM Lecture 2 Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics: Distribution Leslie Benet
11:30 AM Workshop Introduction Tutors
11:50 AM Lunch    
12:50 PM Workshop 1 Clearance Concepts Tutors
2:30 PM Coffee Break    
3:00 PM Lecture 3 Temporal Relationships After Intravascular Administration Leslie Benet
4:15–5:40 PM Workshop 2 Distribution and Intravascular Bolus Kinetics Tutors

Tue, Feb 25

7:30 AM Continental Breakfast    
8:00 AM Workshop 3 Constant Rate Input Tutors
9:15 AM Lecture 4 Absorption I: Concepts and Kinetics Svein Øie
10:15 AM Coffee Break    
10:45 AM Lecture 5 Absorption II: Factors Influencing Drug Absorption Svein Øie
Noon Lunch    
1:00 PM Workshop 4 Absorption Concepts and Kinetics Tutors
2:45 PM Coffee Break    
3:15–5:15 PM Lecture 6

Renal and Hepatic

(Metabolic) Elimination

Svein Øie
6:15 PM Course Dinner

Wed, Feb 26

7:30 AM Continental Breakfast    
8:00 AM Workshop 5 Renal and Hepatic Elimination Tutors
9:45 AM Coffee Break    
10:15 AM Lecture 7 Mean Residence Time Leslie Benet
11:00 AM Short Break    
11:10 AM Lecture 8 Multiple Dose Regimens Leslie Benet
Noon Lunch    
1:00 PM Lecture 9 Integration of Kinetic Concepts Robert Upton
2:45 PM Coffee Break    
3:15 PM Workshop 6 Mean Residence Time Tutors
4:15–5:45 PM Lecture 10

Bioavailability, BCS,

BDDCS & Drug-Drug Interactions (DDI)

Leslie Benet

Thu, Feb 27

7:30 AM Continental Breakfast    
8:00 AM Workshop 7 Multiple Dose Regimens Tutors
9:00 AM Workshop 8 Integration of Kinetic Concepts Tutors
10:15 AM Coffee Break    
10:45 AM Lecture 11 Multicompartment Kinetics Svein Øie
12:30 PM Lunch    
1:15 PM Workshop 9 Bioavailability/DDI Tutors
2:20 PM Workshop 10 Multicompartment PK Tutors
3:15 PM Coffee Break    

Elective Sessions Start

3:45–5:45 PM Lecture A1 Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics Modeling James Uchizono
  Lecture A2 Macromolecule Pharmacokinetics Sara Kenkare-Mitra

Fri, Feb 28

7:30 AM Continental Breakfast    
8:00 AM Lecture B1 Nonlinear Pharmacokinetics Deanna Kroetz
  Lecture B2 Phar​ma​co​ge​no​mics in the Management of Variability Kathleen Giacomini
10:00 AM Coffee Break    
10:20 AM Workshop 11
  • PKPD Modeling
  • Macromolecule PK


  • Nonlinear PK
  • Pharmacogenomics
Noon Course Adjourns    

Optional half-day courses begin at 12:30 PM. You must be registered in advance to attend.

Lunch is not provided for general-course participants on Friday. For those registered for the optional Friday-afternoon courses, however, a boxed lunch is available for pick up at no extra cost from the course reception desk during the short break between the general and optional courses (around noon–12:30 PM).