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The SMDC maintains a suite of modern robotic instrumentation that permits high-throughput biochemical and cell-based screening of our compound collections. Labs are also fully equipped for biochemistry, cell biology, and medicinal chemistry. To include SMDC facilities in NIH grants, see:

High-throughput screening (HTS) instrumentation

Our HTS instrumentation is designed for 384-well formats, and most instruments are amenable to 1536-well format.

photo and diagram describing our HTS equipment

A robotic arm (1) links instrumentation for HTS automation. Instruments include Beckman Coulter barcode Print and Apply (2), BioTek EL406 and Multidrop (3, 4, 5), plate sealer (6), Cytomat plate hotel (7) Cytomat (8) and LiCONiC (9) incubated plate hotels, PerkinElmer EnVision Xcite (10), Beckman Coulter Biomek FXP liquid handler (11), and GE Healthcare Life Sciences IN Cell Analyzer 2500 LED (12).

Modular/walk-up instrumentation

We also have additional modular instrumentation for walk-up use in assay development and compound-validation experiments:



FlexStation 3 multimode microplate reader

assay development and validation

Biotek EL406 plate washer/dispenser

reagent dispensing, IF, ELISA

Biacore 4000 high-throughput surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument

fragment-based discovery, protein-protein interactions, hit validation

Xevo TQ-XS mass spectrometer

protein characterization, disulfide trapping/tethering

FlexStation 3

FlexStation 3

Biotek EL406

Biotek EL406

Biacore 4000

Biacore 4000

Xevo TQ-XS

Xevo TQ-XS