UCSF-Stanford CERSI Scholars Program

The UCSF-Stanford CERSI Scholars program recognizes trainees at UCSF and Stanford University who are pursuing training in regulatory sciences with a $2,500 award. This program encourages outstanding researchers and clinicians, especially underrepresented minority trainees at the start of their careers to seek opportunities to participate in and advance the field of regulatory science. Trainees selected as UCSF-Stanford CERSI Scholars will become ambassadors for the UCSF-Stanford CERSI Program, and will have the opportunity to explore the field further and build their professional network by participating in the research, education and outreach activities of UCSF-Stanford CERSI. Specifically, UCSF-Stanford CERSI Scholars will be invited to speak, and to present their research at the CERSI Scientific Advisory Board meetings, and the FDA/CERSI Steering Committee meetings. Professional/graduate students and postdocs are all welcome to apply.

Individuals interested in becoming a UCSF-Stanford CERSI Scholar must submit a CV, a list of 3 references and a 500-word statement of interest, highlighting contributions they made to the field of regulatory science and comment on why they are interested in regulatory science. These materials may be submitted via email to [email protected]. Applicants will be judged by their professional accomplishments to date and motivation/interest in the field of regulatory science.

UCSF-Stanford CERSI Scholars