FDA Visiting Scientist Program


UCSF-Stanford CERSI has developed a robust Visiting Scientist Program with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in which we bring FDA scientists to the Bay Area to give talks and interact with the scientific community on the West coast.  FDA scientists typically visit for 2-5 days and participate in a number of activities, based on their interests, including but not limited to:

  • Meetings with UCSF and/or Stanford faculty members to discuss mutual interest areas
  • Initiate/discuss research collaborations at UCSF and Stanford University
  • Meetings with UCSF and/or Stanford trainees (graduate students, postdocs, fellows)
  • Give a lecture or participate in a panel discussion that is open to the public
  • Visit organizations/companies of interest in the Bay Area
  • Record lectures to be used for CERSI educational programs


Program Goals

  • Inform FDA visitors of cutting-edge research being performed in the Bay Area
  • Facilitate new scientific collaborations between UCSF/Stanford faculty and FDA scientists
  • Educate scientists in the Bay Area about ongoing work at various FDA offices and centers
  • Encourage academic trainees to consider careers in regulatory science, particularly at the FDA
  • Expose the public to various topics in regulatory science



FDA scientists are initially identified to participate in this program by UCSF-Stanford CERSI staff or by the FDA centers through their representative on the FDA CERSI Steering Committee.  The list of visitors is then finalized by UCSF-Stanford CERSI working in close collaboration with the FDA's Office of Regulatory Science and Innovation (ORSI).  Once approved by ORSI and the FDA CERSI Steering Committee, UCSF-Stanford CERSI will reach out to the FDA scientists to identify visit dates and develop the visit agenda.  FDA scientists who are interested in visiting UCSF-Stanford CERSI should contact their center's CERSI Steering Committee representative.  UCSF or Stanford affiliates who are interested in hosting specific FDA scientists should contact UCSF-Stanford CERSI.


Please contact Lawrence Lin, Director of External Relations and Outreach, with any questions about the FDA Visiting Scientist Program.