Internship in Regulatory Affairs at Genentech

To foster a deeper understanding of regulatory considerations in pharmaceutical drug development, the UCSF-Stanford CERSI has partnered with Genentech to offer internship opportunities to students pursuing training in regulatory science. The internship is full-time and is an academic quarter in length (i.e., 3 months). During this period the student will take a leave of absence from UCSF/Stanford. The internship can occur in Summer, Fall and Winter academic quarters but it cannot bridge two quarters. This is a paid internship that will cover student’s stipend for the quarter.  Please, note that interns are expected to buy into student health insurance for the quarter through UCSF/Stanford or find their own health care provider.

Responsibilities and projects

Product Development Regulatory (PDR) is responsible for the timely submission of applications to health authorities for approval of new products and line extensions. PDR is committed to regulatory strategies that are the most innovative, ethical, and influential in the industry. This intern position is in the Regulatory Affairs department, involving global product development and post-marketing programs, working with key partners in development. Additional activities involve global and US labeling, and US promotion and advertising, working with key partners in production, quality, marketing, legal, and development. The successful candidate will participate directly with one or more of our current teams. This is an opportunity to explore using your science background in a business environment.


  • UCSF/Stanford students and postdoctoral fellows
  • Students eligible for internships are advanced graduate students (at minimum having passed all their doctoral qualifying exams).  Students past graduation are eligible as long as they are enrolled in CERSI courses.
  • Written approval from both their PI and Thesis Committee Chair to do an internship
  • International students and postdoctoral fellows are eligible
  • Successful completion of at least four CERSI mini-courses and a passing grade in an online examination (exam dates are March 1- March 7, 2017).

Application deadline

March 18, 2017


April-May 2017

How to apply

Submit cover letter, CV, and a scanned copy of the written approval by the PI.  ABDs should also submit a scanned copy of the written approval by the Thesis Committee Chair.  All materials should be sent to [email protected]