Bruker Avance III HD 400

Bruker 400


  • 400 MHz, 2-channel spectrometer with Z-gradient and equipped for gradient shimming
  • Standard probe: 5mm BBFO Z-gradient SmartProbe with Automatic Tune and Match
  • 1H, direct- and indirect-detection (HSQC, HMBC, etc.) of heteronuclei

Probes and accessories

  • 5mm BBFO Z-gradient SmartProbe
  • Broad-band (15N to 31P) with improved 1H performance and 19F
  • ATM (Automatic Tune and Match)


  • CentOS Linux workstation running TopSpin 3.5pl2
  • Oxford 400 MHz actively-shielded magnet
  • Avance III HD nanobay console with 2 RF channels
  • Z-gradient amplifier
  • 2H-TX board
  • BCU pre-conditioner (temperatures down to 0 °C)