Use the Facility

This page describes how to apply for an account to use our facility and instruments.

Before you begin

  • Access to the lab is granted to authorized personnel.
  • Prior experience with NMR is required.
  • A one-day High-Field Protein NMR course is offered quarterly for beginners and students who wish to use the 800 MHz NMR for studies of macromolecules.
  • The facility is open to collaborations.
  • You will need a UCSF ID card to access the lab.
  • You will need a UCSF iLAB account to reserve instruments in the NMR lab.


  1. Complete the forms that apply to you:
    1. PDF icon For users inside UCSF
    2. PDF icon For users outside UCSF
    3. PDF icon For radiology users
  2. Deliver the completed forms to [email protected] and [email protected].
  3. Wait for us to contact you with further instructions.