Bruker Avance DRX500

Bruker 500


  • 500 MHz Bruker DRX 4-channel spectrometer equipped with Z-gradient, lock-switch for deuterium decoupling, and a 60-slot BACS sample changer
  • Standard probe: 5mm quad-resonance Z-gradient QCI cryoprobe
  • Triple-resonance QCI-Cryoprobe with cold 1H and 13C preamps for detection/decoupling of 1H, 13C, 31P and 15N

Probes and accessories

  • 5mm QCI Z-Grad Cryoprobe
  • 5mm TXI Z-Grad Cryoprobe
  • 5mm TXI Z-Gradient Triple Resonance Probe
  • LN2 low-temperature accessory


  • CentOS Linux Workstation running TopSpin 1.3pl10
  • Oxford 500 MHz Magnet
  • 4 RF Channels
  • Z-gradient amplifier
  • Lock-Switch
  • BACS-60 sample changer
  • BCU-05 pre-conditioner (temperatures down to 4 °C)