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Principal investigator

Jim Wells, PhD
[email protected]
Interests: guitar, tennis, skiing, biking, hiking

Wells_Jim Wells

Administrative staff

Ninwe Maraha, PhD
Lab Manager
PhD from Karolinska Institute
[email protected]
Interests: reading, music, long walks


Alyssa Lam
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Interests: Cooking, movies, dancing, K-pop

Assistant professor

Brandon Holmes, MD, PhD

MD/PhD from Washington University in Saint Louis

[email protected]

Project: Cell Surface Proteins in Neuroinflammation

Interests: drumming, live music, skateboarding, hiking, eating tacos

Postdoctoral Fellows

Thomas G. Bartholow, PhD

PhD from University of California, San Diego

[email protected]


Corleone Delaveris, PhD

PhD from Stanford University

BS from Boston College

[email protected]


Project: targeting post-translational modifications on cancer cells

Interests: running, rock climbing, cooking, baking, eating the aforementioned baked goods

Ines Folger, PhD 

PhD from ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

[email protected]


Interests: Baking, Cooking, Mountainbiking, Hiking, Skiing


Wells lab - Ines

Zhi "Lindsey" Lin, PhD

PhD from Harvard University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

BS from Peking University

[email protected]

Interests: food, boba, concerts, cooking, watercolor, manga and anime

Wells lab Lindsey Lin

Johnathan Maza, PhD

PhD from University of California, Berkeley

[email protected]

Project: cell surface proteolysis

Interests: Reading sci-fi/fantasy, making pasta, and walking my cats

Wells- Maza

Kun Miao, PhD

PhD from Caltech 

[email protected]


Project: domain libraries for antibody engineering

Interests: watching sports, playing basketball, karaoke

wells lab_miao

Trenton Peters-Clarke, PhD 

PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison 

[email protected]


Project: cell surface proteomics

Interests: running, biking, frisbee with my dog, basketball

wells lab_peters clarke

Kaitlin (Katie) Schaefer, PhD
PhD from Harvard Chemistry & Chemical Biology
[email protected]
Project: Cell surface proteomics
Interests: Hiking and cooking


Zi Yao, PhD

PhD from University of California, Irvine

[email protected]


Project: Immunopeptidomics

Interests: Soccer, eating, spending time with friends

Fangzhu Zhao, PhD

PhD from Scripps Research Institute

[email protected]

Project: Antibody discovery and engineering against tumor-associated antigens

Interests: Music, traveling, cat, ping pong

Fangzhu Zhao_Wells Lab

Graduate students

Paul Burroughs

B.S. Chemical Biology, University of California, Berkeley

[email protected]


Project - Explore previously hidden cell surface protein interactomes in immunology using DET labeling

Interests - Oncology, immunology, translational medicine, startups, history, weightlifting, cycling, health & fitness

Wells lab Paul

William Ho

AB from Harvard University 

[email protected]


Project: Shed fragment deorphanization through close-proximity labeling

Interests: Scale model building, cooking, tennis, volleyball, exploring the outdoors


wells lab_william ho

Sophie Kong

BS from Bucknell University

[email protected]


Project: Engineering PTMs onto tumor cell surfaces

Interests: Volleyball, guitar, cats

Kaan Kumru

BS from University of Texas at Austin

[email protected]


Project: Exploring and expanding KineTACs

Interests: Jazz, cycling, lobbing boomerangs

Wells lab Kaan

Tracy Lou

BS from UC Berkeley 

[email protected]


Project description: cell surface protein interactions during mast cell activation

Interest: running, backpacking, skiing, cooking/baking, music
wells lab_tracy lau
Rita Loudermilk 
BS from University of California Davis
Project: Engineering & targeting the tumor cell surface
Interests: Climbing, mushroom hunting, skateboarding, biking, sewing
Wells lab Rita Loudermilk

Irene Lui
BS from Colorado State University
[email protected]
Project: phage encoded antibodies for cell surface profiling
Interests: origami, swimming


Madison Seto

BA from Scripps College

[email protected]


Project: antibody library design and selections

Interests: baking, pointing out good dogs

Wells lab madison

Kamyar Yazdani

BS from Duke University 

[email protected]


Project: Applying protein engineering to cell therapy 

Interests: Eating, hiking, traveling, and sending memes to my friends

wells lab - kamyar

Antibiome Center

Kevin Leung, PhD

Associate Director of Antibiome Center
PhD and BMSc from University of Western Ontario
[email protected]
Interests: hiking, cycling


Chau-Quynh, Le

Jr. Specialist

BA in Biochemistry, Lawrence University

[email protected]


Interests: baking, embroidery, running, hiking

Soumya G Remesh, PhD


PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University

[email protected]


Interest - Hiking, Music, Traveling


Yun Zhang


[email protected]

Interests: Gardening, hiking

Jesseca Chung

Assistant Research Specialist

BS in Neuroscience from University of Keele

[email protected]

Interests: Hiking, films, literature, traveling

Snehal Ganjave, PhD


PhD in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology

[email protected]

Interests: Crafting gardening, photography

Lab technicians

Ula Soegianto
[email protected]


Vivian Yuan

[email protected]

Interests - Music, Photography, Cinema, Cats

Wells lab Vivian

Image credit: Wells: Elisabeth Fall