The American Course on Drug Development and Regulatory Sciences (ACDRS) teaching faculty consists of international experts in regulatory sciences, medical product discovery and development, product evaluation and business practices. Lecturers and mentors are drawn from:

  • academia

  • regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EMA, MHRA and others

  • pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic, and biotechnology industry

  • coverage and reimbursement organizations; professional societies

  • the National Institutes of Health.

Academic year & cycle


Faculty 2019-2020 Cycle 12 Washington, DC
Faculty 2018–2019 Cycle 11 Washington, DC

Faculty 2017–2018 Cycle 10

Washington, DC

Faculty 2016–2017 Cycle 9

Washington, DC

Faculty 2015–2016 Cycle 8

Washington, DC

Faculty 2014–2015 Cycle 7

Washington, DC

Faculty 2013–2014 Cycle 6

San Francisco, CA