The American Course on Drug Development and Regulatory Sciences (ACDRS) is governed by an executive office and collaborates with a science-driven and highly experienced international faculty with a network of experts in pharmaceutical medicine and medical product development science.

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Executive Board



Carl Peck

University of California, San Francisco

Les Benet

University of California, San Francisco

Kathy Giacomini

University of California, San Francisco

Executive Committee



Charlie Gombar (Chair & Course Director)


Daniela Drago

Aurion Biotech

Mike Dyszel Pyxis Oncology

Josh Galanter


Christine Garnett (advisor)

US Food and Drug Administration

Diane K. Jorkasky

Consultant to Pharma and Biotech

Carl C. Peck University of California, San Francisco
Stephen Ruberg Analytix Thinking LLC
"As an MD/PhD Boarded physician-scientist, I was very impressed how the full Course spanning 12 months covered the wide landscape of diverse topics in development and regulation of medical products! This course has had a profound benefit in my career development and professional network. The complexity of our industry is very easily siloed into functional areas of expertise but a deeper appreciation for the cross-functional interdependencies are most critical for any program’s success. This course is a fantastic overview to learn virtually all the complex facets with first-principle must-know insights! I recommend this course with the highest of enthusiasm!"
Brian Tseng, Expert Consultant, NDA Partners