Immune Modulation

Modular DNA-scaffolded Biomaterials for Immune Cell Therapies

(A) Incorporation of amphiphilic polymer-DNA molecules onto particle surfaces allows for high efficiency and ratiometric protein conjugation through hybridization. (B) Immune cell engaging particles (ICEp) with synNOTCH CAR-T cells improve on-target killing and off-target safety by requiring two unique antigens to induce targeting through the CAR. (C) Intratumoral ICEp-GFP delivery with synNOTCH CAR-T therapy leads to tumor eradication in a two-tumor mouse model.

Recent Publication:

DNA-scaffolded biomaterials enable modular and tunable presentation of proteins to control immune cell therapies

Current work/Future Projects:

ICEp signal presentation to:

  1. Adoptive immune cells for active immune environments
  2. Antigen presenting cells for systemic tumor immunity

Point(s) of contact: Dr. Xiao Huang

Nanowires for Immune Modulation

(A) Nanowires (NWs) of tunable length are fabricated with an anodic aluminum oxide template. (B) Injection of antibody-conjugated NWs promote regulatory T-cell populations (left) compared to NWs alone (right).

Recent Publications: Zamecnik C, et al. (2017) ACS Nano; (2020) Biomaterials

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