artwork showing examples of email campaigns.
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Email campaigns enable School of Pharmacy faculty and staff members to reach large audiences by email with professionally designed HTML email templates. Oversight for the campaign process is provided by the Office of Communications. Funding is provided by the Dean’s Office.

Why use an email campaign?

It’s ideal for:

  • reaching large numbers of recipients.
  • ensuring a professional appearance.
  • ensuring that your message looks great no matter the email application or device it is read on.
  • regular communications such as email newsletters.

What are some examples?

See our gallery.

Getting started

You need to be a faculty or staff member within the School of Pharmacy. You also need someone responsible for taking our training and creating each campaign.

We work with you to design a template for your needs, then train you or your delegate in the process of building your first campaigns. For each campaign, following your draft build, we review your build and make any corrections needed to ensure the campaign’s success before scheduling it for delivery. We remain available for help when needed.

Next step: Let us know about your needs at Website and Communications Support.