This section enables campaign authors to understand how to build, test, deliver, analyze, and get help for an email campaign.

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Before we begin

  1. If you have not already initiated a conversation with the Office of Communications about your email campaigns, see Getting Started.
  2. You need the credentials for the accounts we generated for you.


  1. Create a campaign.

  2. Edit a campaign.

  3. Set campaign options.


After your email has been built, you’ll test it using our account with Email on Acid. This service enables you to quickly and easily test your email campaign on a wide variety of email applications and web email services, including tablets and smartphones. (Why test?)

  1. Send a test email from the campaign builder to the special email address provided to you.
  2. Log in to Email on Acid to view the test results.
  3. Repeat the process of fixing any issues you find, then testing again, until you feel you’re ready to send.


To notify the Office of Communications that your email build is ready for delivery, contact us at Website and Communications Support, letting us know what date you want it delivered. We’ll identify and resolve any issues with your build, then schedule your email campaign for delivery at the time when most people will open it.


Optional: Following delivery, view a report that includes statistics such as:

  • # of messages opened or forwarded
  • # of times different links in the message were clicked
  • which email addresses bounced or unsubscribed

and more by logging in to the campaign builder and opening the Insights section. Further analytics options are possible; ask us for details.

Get help

At any time, submit a help request at Website and Communications Support. We aim to respond within two business days.

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