Create a Campaign

This page enables campaign authors to understand how to create an email campaign in Mailchimp. It is part of the Build step in our Instructions for Email Campaigns.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, log in to Mailchimp using the credentials our team provided.

  2. Select Create Campaign:

    create campaign

    then select Create an Email.

    What do you want to create with create an email button in lower left corner
  3. Type a name for your campaign, then select Begin. If your email campaigns are regular, then using the same format every time creates a special harmony when you see them in a list. e.g., “PharmD Education, January 2019.”

    Create an email screen, type your campaign name
  4. The next screen lists delivery options. Skip all of these for now and select Design Email.

    screenshot, email options
  5. The Select a Template screen appears. Select the Saved Templates section:

    Select a template, choose saved templates
  6. A variety of templates specific to UCSF School of Pharmacy appear.

    Select a template, choose your template
  7. Select the template our team provided for you. Within a few seconds, the new email campaign is prepared.

    The screen changes to display your template on the left and a working area on the right. Here is what BTS Beat looks like:

    screenshot after selecting a template

Next step: Edit a campaign