Edit a Campaign

This page enables campaign authors to understand how to edit an email campaign. It is part of the Build step in our Instructions for Email Campaigns.

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Before you begin

If you haven’t already done so, log in to the campaign builder using the URL and credentials our team provided, then find, open, and edit your campaign in the Campaigns section.

Working with text

Pasting from Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or other sources often results in problems due to extraneous code. Instead of pasting directly from these sources, paste into the Online HTML Editor, click the Clean button in the top right corner, then copy from there and paste into the campaign builder. This results in clean code that will perform better across many devices and email applications.

Working with images

Your training session covers how to get the best results with images, particularly on high-resolution devices like smartphones and the latest displays. Here are some basic guidelines to remember:

  1. In general, image dimensions should be as large as possible. But no image should be larger in width than 1920 pixels. Wider than this and you are wasting users’ time, particularly those with slower connections.
  2. Each placeholder image specifies the ideal width followed by the manual setting of the width in the campaign builder. e.g., “1920w, set to 480” means that the ideal width of the image you upload is 1920 pixels, and in the campaign builder you should manually set the width of this image to 480 pixels wide (leaving the height field untouched).
  3. If an image filesize is larger than 350 KB, try to reduce its filesize without significantly reducing its quality before uploading to the campaign builder. Cropping non-essential portions of an image can help a lot.
  4. It’s not likely that you’ll get every image to meet the ideal dimensions or filesize. The closer you can meet these the better but don’t sweat it.
  5. Avoid inserting images outside of the placeholders which can result in images not displaying correctly across different devices.
  6. Set your alt tags unless the image is purely decorative.

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