Organize Your CLE Homepage

Completed Layout

The Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) is where you’ll find many of your curriculum materials. This guide for students who use CLE describes how to better organize your CLE homepage using its customization features. Jump below to:

Enabling customization

  1. Log in to CLE, then in the left column under Navigation, click the My Home link.
  2. At the top right corner of the page, click the Customize this page button​.
    Turning on customization

    This action causes the Customize this page button to be replaced by two buttons called Reset page to default and Stop customizing this page.

Customization mode is now enabled, and different sections of the page (which we call blocks) now display additional controls related to customization. If your changes somehow result in unwanted changes, clicking Reset page to default restores the original page layout.

Simple method

Limiting Course Overview to display only your current courses

  1. At the bottom of your homepage, find and click the small link called Show all courses.
    Show all courses

    If some courses were previously hidden, they are now shown.
  2. Dragging the four-way arrow icons next to each course name enables you to rearrange the order of the listed courses. Alternately, if dragging is too cumbersome, you can click the four-way arrow icon and select a space to move it to from the menu that appears. Rearrange the course list to move your current courses to the top.
    Class Rearrangement
  3. Click the Number of courses to display picklist, then click the number of courses in your current course list.
  4. In the top right corner, click Stop customizing this page to save your changes. The Course Overview block should now display only your current courses.

Advanced method

This section describes how to remove all redundancies in CLE for a clean interface which displays only your current courses that are easily changeable from quarter to quarter. This layout also takes advantage of the CLE Calendar to provide quick links to submit homework assignments. Jump below to:

A. Hide unused blocks

  1. Click the gear menu in the CLE Archive Site block.

  2. Click Hide CLE Archive Site block. The block contracts and appears grayed out.

    Hide CLE Archive Site Block
  3. Repeat these steps for these other blocks:

    1. Recent Courses

    2. My Courses

    3. Private Files

Hide recent courses

B. Set up Favorite Courses

  1. Find the Favorite Courses block then click the Select courses link.
    Favorite courses block
  2. Click the thumbs up/down toggle to correspondingly select or deselect courses. You want only your current courses to be selected (thumbs up).
    Select or deselect courses
  3. Courses can be reordered by dragging the four-way arrow icon to the desired position. Alternately, if dragging is too cumbersome, you can click the four-way arrow icon and select a space to move it to from the menu that appears.
    Reorder Course Favorites

C. Dock blocks and move calendar to the top

  1. Dock the Search Courses, Navigation, and Administration blocks by clicking the left arrow icon for each block.
    Docking remaining blocks
  2. Move the Calendar block to the top of the page by dragging its four-way arrow icon and releasing it above the Course Overview block.
    Moving the calendar block

D. Hide Course Overview and move Favorite Courses under Calendar

  1. Click the gear menu in the Course Overview block then click Hide Course overview block.
    Hide course overview block
  2. Move the Favorite Courses block by dragging the four-way arrow icon below the calendar.
  3. Click Stop Customizing this page to save your changes.
    Moving the favorite courses block

Your CLE reorganization is complete. Your results should look like this:

Completed Layout

Alternately, you can hide the Favorite Courses block and leave the Course Overview block visible underneath for this result:

Alternative finished layout