Positioning and Messaging Guide: Overview

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Who should use these guidelines?

Communicators who speak on behalf of the UCSF School of Pharmacy.

What will this help the School of Pharmacy do?

We all want our contributions to be part of a compelling, forward-thinking, and unified story of the School.

The differentiators, driving forces, positioning narrative, and key messaging points described here provide our audiences with compelling reasons to believe in the School, now and in the future.

How should this be used?

To clarify: Our unique qualities, advantages, and capabilities.

To ensure: Key thoughts are present and cohesive across communications.

To inspire: Effective messaging by individual communicators.

To encourage: Internal and external advocates for the School and our programs.

How were these developed?

These guidelines reflect a broad range of input from our School faculty and leadership; our students, staff, donors, and alumni; campus leadership; and peer institutions.

Communication opportunities

Given our leadership position, advances in science, and the new dynamics of health care, we should all be aware of important opportunities to influence how we are known and what people can expect of us.

Four opportunities express our motivation for developing and communicating a fresh, forward-looking, and consistent story on behalf of our School and its programs.

  1. To inspire a clear and exciting perception of the full scope of the School’s agenda, success, and impact.
  2. To communicate the boldness, future orientation, and public-mindedness of a UCSF School of Pharmacy scientist, clinician, or educator.
  3. To demonstrate how the School combines its strengths in science, education, patient care, and public mission with the strengths of the UCSF environment.
  4. To focus on the unique strengths of the PharmD curriculum and the leadership of its graduates across traditional and nontraditional fields.

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