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This page is part of our Editorial Style Guide. It lists the proper way to refer to certain names and includes related notes.



Esteban G. Burchard, MD, MPH


Charles S. Craik, PhD

NOT: Charles Craik

William DeGrado

NOT: Degrado or De Grado. Bill DeGrado acceptable in familiar contexts.

Julia Dunn, MFA

Even though she uses Julia M. Dunn, MFA in her email signature.

James Fraser, PhD

In familiar, informal, or School-only communications, he can also be referred to by first name nickname Jaime; for letterhead only does not want url to his profile page and does not want fax number and does want Twitter handle @fraser_lab

Kathy Giacomini, PhD

NOT: Kathleen.

Joel W. Gonzales

NOT: Joel Gonzales.

John Gross, PhD

For letterhead only, use John D. Gross, PhD.

B. Joseph Guglielmo

NOT: Bernard J. or Bernard Joseph. Dean Joe acceptable in casual contexts. Always use B. in front. Do not use Jr.

Matthew Jacobson, PhD

NOT: Matt.

Deanna Kroetz, PhD

For letterhead only, use middle initial L.

Helene Levens Lipton, PhD

NOT: Helene Lipton. Also acceptable: Helene L. Lipton, PhD.

Brandon O’Hare

In person he prefers Bo over Brandon.

Sam S. Oh, PhD

NOT: Sam Oh.

Francis Szoka, PhD

In familiar, informal, or School-only communications, he is known as Frank.

Cynthia Watchmaker, MEd, MBA

Also acceptable: Cynthia B. Watchmaker, MEd, MBA.


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