Positioning and Messaging Guide: School of Pharmacy


Diagram of nested cylinders: UCSF larger than School of Pharmacy larger than PharmD Program, with School of Pharmacy highlighted.

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Positioning defined

The role of positioning is not to answer what we are, but why we matter.

By agreeing upon how we need to be perceived to be successful, we are setting the foundation for a story that can be told in many forms, in ways that are ownable, believable, beneficial, motivational, and sustainable.

Our positioning is built from our own unique differentiators and driving forces.


What are we? World leader in research, PharmD and PhD education, and patient care.


Why do we matter?


  • Identity

  • Messages

  • Online

  • Behaviors

  • Experience

UCSF School of Pharmacy differentiators

Our differentiating strengths complement the differentiators of the University.





is our foundation, and a scientific mindset underlies everything we do.



comes naturally to us, and in fact it is why many of us are at this University and why we are so successful.



is our form of engagement with the world. We redefine discovery through bold research partnerships and redefine pharmacy practice through greater engagement with patients and health care teams.

impact and value


occurs as we train future leaders and inspire students on a path of constant learning.



is known and respected for the excitement, dynamism, and world-leading research that exists around us. It provides us with a stimulating, caring, and differentiated environment.


UCSF School of Pharmacy driving forces

Driving forces are the unique reasons we do what we do. Our communications will be stronger and more distinctive when these forces shape the tone and personality of what we say.

We have a drive for transformation—in science, in education, and in models of patient care—this is the unique flavor of innovation that goes on at UCSF.

People here are passionate about the work they are doing, and that passion is fueled by the collective support of the University, the School, departments, and our colleagues.

Public value is our contribution to UCSF’s public mission. For many of our people, this is one of the key reasons they are here and not somewhere else.

Transformation We are improving health through bold advances in research, PharmD and PhD education, and patient care.
Passion We are redefining what it means to be leading scientists, pharmacists, and educators in today’s world.
Public value We are creating and sharing the knowledge required to change the world in important ways and to improve the lives and health of individuals and populations.

How these elements work together

Like the campus-level positioning, our unique opportunities and assets combine to form a powerful essence. Positioning is comprised of:


  • To inspire and lead a clear perception of the UCSF School of Pharmacy

  • To communicate the School’s boldness, future orientation, and public mindedness

  • To demonstrate the combined strengths of the School and UCSF

  • To focus on the strengths and outputs of the PharmD program


  • Science

  • Collaboration

  • Opportunity

  • Advancement

  • UCSF

    Driving forces

    • Transformation

    • Passion

    • Public value

      Positioning statement: School of Pharmacy

      At the UCSF School of Pharmacy, science is at the heart of our pioneering research, education, and patient care.

      Our drive to seek and apply new knowledge underpins everything we do. We combine a scientific mindset with a collaborative spirit, patient focus, and public mission that welcomes and encourages diverse perspectives. This unique combination fuels breakthroughs across many fields of research, graduate-level pharmacy and science education, and in our clinical care.

      As part of UCSF, the world’s leading university focused on health, our work is intensified in ways not possible elsewhere. Among like minds, we continually advance science and health through the discoveries we make, the novel approaches we develop to treat disease, the scientific tools and technologies we create, the medical devices we engineer, the patient models we develop, and the learning we support.

      We are curious, productive, and entrepreneurial. We drive progress and improve health by transforming discoveries and ideas into new products, services, and health care models for public benefit.

      Our PharmD graduates are highly regarded for their deep scientific knowledge, compassion, and leadership in solving problems in new ways. They are leaders in health systems, community pharmacy practice, government, industry, and academia.

      Our PhD graduates are distinguished by their passion for research in the physical, biological, and quantitative sciences; their ability to work across disciplines with ease; their scientific leadership in academia and industry; and through the startup industries they create.

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